The Two Hosers Photo Show 58- Practical Light

In this episode Allan celebrates Fasching, Adam rants about pop-up flashes in school gymnasiums and The Two Hosers offer precious little info on practical light.

runtime: 42:12

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2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 58- Practical Light

  1. Hi guys,
    Just a couple things. First, yes we Americans (south of the border that is) use the term resume (without the accent). Well, at least we used it when I lived there up until 1990.

    The second thing goes a long way back. In one of your earlier shows the topic of RAW format came up and you kind of dismissed it – like if you don’t know what it’s for then don’t use it. Perhaps you’ve talked about it in one of your shows in the mean time but I’ve learned that RAW can make post productions corrections in Photoshop much easier. Would you recommend RAW instead of JPEG?

    Been listening to your show again and am glad to hear you funny guys again (the photo stuff is good too).

  2. In the earlier shows we did recommend holding off on shooting RAW until you developed other skills. It can add a lot of variables to the process and becoming comfortable with the basics is our standard advice.

    That being said, I shoot RAW and Adam shoots RAW. It is extremely helpful in post production to make corrections to a RAW file vs a JPEG (colour balance for instance). The downside is that you MUST process the RAW. JPEG is ready to go out of the camera.

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