The Two Hosers Photo Show- Close Ups

“I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille.”     -Norma Desmond, Sunset Blvd.

That very recognizable quote comes from a movie called “Sunset Blvd” which, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend. I don’t automatically like B&W movies simply because they are old (some of them are pretty boring) but I really liked that one.

Let’s jump ahead to my point. Often, when traveling, a common instinct is to shoot very wide photos to ensure that everything is included. Nothing wrong with that of course, but don’t forget to shoot some close-ups as well.

Personally I like to include myself and fellow traveling companions in some of the wide shots to show that I was, in fact, at Yankee Stadium, Peggy’s Cove, and The Brandenburg Gate (not on the same trip).

But I also make sure to grab some close up shots to remind myself what it felt like to be there. These small details often have a more personal connection and can be great conversation pieces. Take this building in Tubingen for example.

It is a pretty standard example of the architecture of the area. But if we move in a little closer we get a different feel.

And then closer,

and closer still.

The same thing can work with this building here.

And in close.

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