The Two Hosers Photo Show 450- Outdoor Flash

In this episode Adam wants to power through, Allan thinks we can land a Celebrity Cameo, and The Hosers discuss using a flash outside.

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runtime: 37:09

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Weekly Challenge- “Outdoor Flash”

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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 450- Outdoor Flash

  1. Adam phones in a picture of a basketball net, you can barely see the basketball and then tears apart perfectly good pictures of baseball stars? Nice pictures Allan.

    • Well….. I don’t generally like defending Adam but….

      Knowing that he is a big fan of wrestling I have to assume here that he is content to play “The Heel.” Now, we legitimately do not discuss this before, or after the show so I swear this is just my gut feeling.

      Otherwise I don’t see how he can compare an underlit basketball to an attractive athlete in her 20s.

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