The Two Hosers Photo Show 287- Goodwood 2: Gooder Wood

ep 287 thumb largeIn this episode Allan recommends a frying pan, Adam forces a Canada Day Group Shot, and The Hosers talk about rolling with the Carolla Digital Crew again.

runtime: 1:04:37

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Adam Schwartz Photography


Photo Challenge- Cars

 head firstchallenge 287-adamchallenge 287-allan

02-20160624-5845-adam in car before first race03-20160624-5885-roof of car04-20160624-5896-adam in race suit05-20160623-allan nate adam youngblood

11-20160626-6242-august thumbs up at car12-20160624-5993-august marley adam nate charles walking paddock BW13-20160624-5996-dawson laxamanna walking paddock BW14-20160625-6054-august guarding interview BW15-20160625-6073-keanu matt gard adam16-20160625-6117-matt adam wide stance BW17-20160625-6131-adam matt tuxedos on sidewalk

19-20160624-6002-laxamanna dawson

2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 287- Goodwood 2: Gooder Wood

  1. It’s been a few years since I was at Goodwood, but the FoS is definitely an amazing events for fans. I ended up chatting with Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, as well as some current F1 drivers.

    Who would recognise the drummer from Pink Floyd? Nick Mason has raced some classic cars (mostly Ferrari, I think) at Le Mans, so a lot of racing fans recognise him from that and appearing on Top Gear with his Enzo 🙂

  2. Yet another thing I did not know about the world of racing. I had not even heard of Goodwood before I got the job last year. So you’re right, I suppose a lot of people at the track would know Nick Mason.

    Also just read that Marino Franchitti (whom we interviewed this year) is married to Nick Mason’s daughter. So there you go.

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