The Two Hosers Photo Show 261- Beware The Gimmick!

ep 261 thumb largeIn this episode Adam fails as a parent, Allan goes wide for Xmas, and The Hosers discuss gimmicks.

runtime: 1:14:11

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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 261- Beware The Gimmick!

  1. Hey Guys, Love the show and have been listening for a few years. I heard the episode and almost totally agree with you about the selfie sticks except in certain instances where they are used for the used for something other than the much hated selfie. My son is a high school wrestler and I am the unofficial team photographer. During the matches the action and the outcome can change so fast that a still photograph doesn’t always tell the whole truth, and this is where the selfie stick or at least part of it comes in. I purposefully obtained a stick in which the phone holder had a quarter 20 nut which I could take it off the stick and attach to a tripod or in my case a hot shoe mount on my camera allowing me to take stills while still getting video of the match to show to family members that weren’t in attendance. So I guess the take away is that while 99.5% of the time these things are absolutely deplorable, sometimes you can find a little good in a sea of bad.

    Keep up the good work ,
    Billy outside Nashville,Tn

  2. Hi Guys,
    you asked for some input.
    3D is a gimmick for me, it doesn’t make a bad film good and IMHO gives a good film only a little kick.
    I’ve seen Starwars in 3D, was nice, but would have seen it in 2D as well. 3D was not a kicker for me to chose the theatre.

  3. Agreed Billy, there is the occasional accidental good.

    Thanks Harald. We do appreciate input. Especially when it is in full agreement with us…..

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