The Two Hosers Photo Show 233- Team Composite

ep 233 thumb largeIn this episode Allan loves the smell of sunscreen in the morning, Adam falls back in wireless love, and The Hosers break down the process of creating a composite team photo.

runtime: 56:20

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Two Hosers Green Screen Episode

Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie



challenge 233-adamjack water gunchallenge 233-allan





2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 233- Team Composite

  1. Hi Adam,

    since you have now the sync-cable hot shoes, you should try to over power the sun at noon (with out the typical high speed sync fall off). Set your flashes at manual full power, use the sync-cable hot shoes and the yongnuo triggers. Set the camera to the max speed and take a photo. You will have to controll the flash power by distance, gels and aperture. The camera preflash signal will be used to fire the flashes, the full power will be used to pop a flash wich is long enough (flash duration at full power ~1/200s) to get the full sensor illuminated.
    I have tested it and it’s great, but I have not utelized it enough in the past.

    Kind regards & thank you for all the hours of great content

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