The Two Hosers Photo Show 180- Buying Used

ep 180 thumb largeIn this episode Allan auditions for the BBC, Adam gets caught up and the Two Hosers tell you if buying used camera gear is a good idea.

runtime: 48:02

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2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 180- Buying Used

  1. We all know that Allan bought his 5D classic from Chris M. In this episode he mentioned a few other guys he knows also bought a used 5D classic. I just wanted to chime in and report that I too bought a 5D classic used. I bought it from a friend and know it was treated very well. In case you are interested, I got the body, an inexpensive lens (non IS 28-105mm f3.5-4.5), a large bag (holds 2 bodies, several lens), 2 instruction books for that specific camera, and a few other little things. I offered her $500 for the whole shebang. She agreed because she never uses that stuff any more – she has the 5D mkII. Anyway, I am still learning the 5d classic. I am used to using my 7D so there is a lot of adjustment to the old 5D.
    If anyone out there can tell me a good (free) way to determine shutter count on either of these cameras, please do so. — Keep up the good work Allan & Adam.

  2. You’re right on all counts Tony. I did Chris’ old 5D that had been sitting in a locker for at least 3 years.

    A little over a year in and I am still slow to use the 5D. The 40D and the MKII (and I’m sure the 7D) have the same controls so having the ISO in a different spot is strange.

    Thanks for sharing Tony.

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