The Two Hosers Photo Show 111- Posers

ep 111In this episode Allan disputes the history of the pushup controversy, Adam claims to have listened back, and the Two Hosers welcome Dwayne Girvan back to the show to give us some posing tips.

runtime: 1:05:00

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Dwayne Girvan Photography

Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie


*NOTE*- Dwayne’s EXIFoku data- 153mm – f4 – 1/125th

lisachallenge 111-allanchallenge 111-adamchallenge 111-dwayneexifoku 111dgphoto

4 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 111- Posers

  1. Hey hosers, this is a very fine show but I’m getting errors on downloads lately. Using a browser on this very page ( the link to download this episode ( leads to an error 404 (page not found).
    I’m using two different podcatchers and one fails with this error while the other sometimes gets the download right. Just sayin’
    Keep up the good work, I’ll find my way around this download problem so I can still listen !

  2. We’ve had another complaint along these lines. I cannot replicate it on my end and the other user did a reset/cache empty on his browser and problem was solved. Hopefully that helps.

  3. Three comments:
    1) I just successfully downloaded this episode, no problem. The way I do it is: right click on the link “Download Episode 111”, and choose the option “Save Link as…” from the little pop-up menu.
    2) About Dwayne’s head-shots: I don’t care for the linear catch lights in his subjects’ eyes. Make them look strange, almost alien-like, from the TV show “V”, lizard people.
    3) About the remote triggers you talked about: I have the “Yongnuo RF-603 C Wireless Flash Triggers.” In fact, I have 2 sets, total of 4 units, approx. $30 per set. I use them as a remote trigger with my camera on a tripod, one trigger plugged into the “Remote control terminal, N3 type” port on the side of my 7D) and pressing the button on a second one. Or as off-camera flash triggers: one in my hot-shoe; the other units for my 3 speed lights. No ETTL in this configuration, but very reliable results.

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