The Two Hosers Photo Show 104- The Old Lange Sign

In this episode Adam might be the son of Santa, Allan digs out his bathing suit and sunscreen, and the Two Hosers make their New Year’s Resolutions.

runtime: 1:11:56

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Thanks to listener Brian, this week on the show we are listing the EXIF data for our challenge photos. Sort of. We explain in more detail in this week’s episode but the short version is this- we are leaving one component out for you to submit your guess. Fill in the blank. Photo Sudoku.


Adam’s photo (crop sensor)

  • ISO 800
  • 1/60 sec
  • focal length 85mm
  • What’s the f-stop?

Allan’s Photo (full frame)

  • ISO 640
  • 1/160 sec
  • f4
  • What’s the focal length?

PS- I’m pretty sure I forgot to pull Adam’s EXIF data this week so his could be easy if you cheat. Don’t.

Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie