The Two Hosers Photo Show- Looking For Light pt 2

Part One can be found here if you missed it.

And without further ado, on to Scenario 2

So while you’re walking off your Maultaschen lunch you want to snap a few photos. In this example we have direct sunlight blasting the building while the alley is in relative darkness. This is one of those times when the camera has difficulty rendering bright brights and dark darks (although to be fair, I do like the blue sky in this shot).

By simply turning 90 degrees to our left we can find a different street that features a more even light.

The shadows and the highlights are much closer together and the camera is able to capture them all. Well, ALMOST all. Nitpickers will see the small section of blown out pixels on the top right side. I don’t lose any sleep over a few blown highlights.

Scenario 3

One of the real charming features of Tübingen is the old style buildings. Trying to capture them at certain times of day can be challenging as we can see here.

The red building, where Goethe apparently used to work, is properly exposed while the other building is clearly over (blown out).

If we expose for the brighter building then the red one is under exposed. Again, we are limited by circumstances. An easy solution here is to eliminate the brighter building and only include the red one.

If you want to get both in the same picture you either need to come back at Magic Hour, bring a giant bounce board along, or fire off some serious flash. I recommend coming back later. Until then by controlling the “latitude” yourself you allow your camera to give you good results.

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