The Two Hosers Photo Show 99- Protecting Your Camera

In this episode Allan has no clue what continent he is on, Adam toughs it out despite having the flu, and the Two Hosers tell you how to (and how not to) protect your camera.

runtime: 55:02

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9 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 99- Protecting Your Camera

  1. My photo walking group goes out every other weekend throughout the year (and have done for 3 years) so we’ve been out in more than our share of bad weather 🙂

    One of our group learned the hard way how NOT to use a ziplock bag – he made the mistake of having the zip at the top (like the person in your photo) but it couldn’t be sealed because of the strap, so instead of protecting his camera from the rain he actually ended up with half an inch of water sloshing around inside! The trick is always to make sure the sealed end is on top.

    You said you pop your memory card out (before entering a warm building) so you can use it straight away, but it could be subject to condensation just like your camera, so keep it in a pocket and let it warm up gently too.

    One other thing: keep your spare battery in a pocket while you’re out in the cold. You’ll find the cold makes your batteries appear to run down quicker than normal, so swap them over and when the original one warms up it’ll still have lots of power left.

  2. The album cover this week was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. You raise a good point- don’t do that at home.

    You’re right about the memory cards being subject to condensation. This is not something I typical worry too much about as I use CF cards and they tend to be a little more robust. Plus, aside from losing the data on the card, I don’t mind beating these things up a little. That being said, I have yet to have my hand bitten so fingers crossed.

    Yes, the cold eats your batteries. I can’t remember if we talked about it last year on the Out In The Cold episode. I am in constant fear of repeating myself. No point in giving Adam any more ammo than he needs.

    • Yes, I think you did cover batteries in the Cold episode but a little repetition is OK, I think, because not everyone remembers / thinks to go back through the archives.

  3. Cool, now on facebook. Now what, Two Hosers on farmville? 😉

    I took my camera strap off. It bothered me always dangling by my side getting caught on stuff. I did wrap it around my wrist, but made more of a nuisance changing lenses. Plus it is red and screams Canon EOS 7D.

    Oh, love the 85mm. Perfect for indoor gymnasium work at my niece’s basketball games. But even at f1.8 and shutter speeds around 1/250-1/500, I needed 2000 ISO. And a mixed bag of light color inside, white balance is a nightmare. Thank you for recommending such an awesome lens.

  4. I don’t see us on Farmville anytime soon. But never say never.

    I’ve been toying with getting the pistol grip for my 5D but mostly for video. I recommend having a strap of some sort in case you get bumped unexpectedly or just have butter fingers.

    The 85mm is great for indoor gymnasium stuff. White balance is such a mixed bag nowadays. Black and white is the fall back in tough situations,

  5. You guys didn’t mention the Rapid Strap. Best Sixty bucks I’ve ever spent!!!

    So comfortable to carry my camera. No more smacking me in the gut (or lower) as I walk. My camera with 70-200 L lens now rides nicely on my hip or behind my leg. And I don’t worry about anyone stealing it.

    Love the show. You guys should really consider adding some snark to make the show more lively. 😉

  6. Neil, I’m glad you mentioned it. A good strap is something I have been stubbornly dragging my heels on for a long time. My mentality has been pretty much the same as most people I suppose- Why would I buy a strap if one is included?

    Never mind that the included strap is not very good and generally serves more as an ad for the manufacturer than it does as a support.

    So with your recommendation I will start to leave hints around the house for Santa to pick up on.

    I also forgot to mention a memory card wallet. Not something Adam would need with his giant, single SD card but I have a few pockets full of CF. Another show perhaps…….

    Thanks for taking the time to weigh in.


  7. I bought a knock-off version of the Rapid Strap. Love it. But you have to be mindful of the possibility of it unscrewing while you’re walking. Happened to me. My 7D fell, landed on the cheap 18-55mm. I’m glad I had a filter on it. The cheap UV filter protected the cheap lens. I still use the strap but I check it all the time.

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