The Two Hosers Photo Show 96- White Backgrounds

In this episode Adam remembers costumes of Halloween past, Allan explains the retroactive business model, and the Two Hosers tell you how to create a white background.

runtime: 1:00:45

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The Tickle Monster Movie Trailer

Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie







4 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 96- White Backgrounds

  1. Thanks for explaining your indoor portrait lighting set ups. Very beneficial. I have a canon 580exII & am looking for & inexpensive second and third off camera flash that will trigger as slaves from the 580, I am considering the neewer 580. Any suggestions for this configuration? Also, I was wondering why I was getting the black bands @ the bottom of the images but your comment on max flash sync speed allowed me to figure out that my shutter speed was too fast & I was not in high speed sync mode with the 580 off camera. Great show, thanks again. Btw, had my 50mm 1.4 for about 8 months now & absolutely love it! #fave

  2. Our pleasure Brian. Glad we could help.

    Inexpensive 2nd and 3rd flashes? There are a few options. First off, which camera are you using?

    Are you going to use your 580 on camera? If so, it can be used to trigger a couple of 430 units off camera. Not inexpensive though.

    If it’s an older camera you will need something in a radio trigger to trip your external flashes. I like my Cybersyncs. There are other options of course, but those work well for me. Would allow you to add a couple of old Nikon sb-28s for very little $.

    The easiest solution though would be to keep your eyes peeled for the Nikon sb-26. They can be tripped by radio triggers but also feature a built-in optical trigger. That means whenever it sees another flash, it fires. Awesome. Obviously you lose ettl and have to operate full manual (or Auto mode……) but it’s worth it. In fact, I always have one eye open for a used unit I can grab. No luck yet.


    • I am using the canon xsi. I will be using the 580 on camera & would like to optical trigger the off cam flashes. Will any optical flash work like this? I also have a set of cowboy studio radio triggers (cheap is & understatement) I am only really interested in firing them in manual so losing Ettl is no big. If this is the case I will start looking for optical built in, if that didn’t give results in not line of site situations I could use my radio triggers I suppose.

  3. The optical triggers will work with pretty much any flash. Of course, they will also work with the flash from people’s point and shoot cameras at the event you are shooting so be prepared for that.

    There are limitations (they aren’t rock solid like Pocket Wizards) to the optical trigger but they are fairly simple and have their upsides too.

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