The Two Hosers Photo Show 91- The Grey Card

In this episode Adam squanders the opportunity of a lifetime, Allan vows to tell more Munich stories, and the Two Hosers wonder why you don’t have a grey card.

runtime: 1:00:16

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Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie











2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 91- The Grey Card

  1. Moin moin A-Team!

    Both are really stunning pictures! Best accumulative challenge result ever. 😉 win-win

    Alan: amazing light and perfect pose. And I agree with the special look like a MF – I have done some bokeh panos (brenitzer style) recently, too and love the effect.

    Adam: nothing to add – great couple shot. And I really like the colors – and your shirt fits very well – definitely. Every other color than any blue or sand tone would not fit that well or distracts from the background … In my opinion…

    Keep on recording ( and please don’t stop shit chatting!!!) waiting for the next Christmas egg nog edition…

    Greetings from the north of Germany


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