The Two Hosers Photo Show 82- Summer Vacation

In this episode Adam returns from Disneyland, Allan meets Tab Two, and the Two Hosers talk about vacation photography.

runtime: 1:03:37

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Allan Attridge Fotografie




1 thought on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 82- Summer Vacation

  1. Guys,
    there is a real good technical reason to not delete in camera or even delete in the hotel.
    It comes from the way the data is stored on the memory card. the data will be written in row to the card if you’re using a fresh card. all data-block of one picture follow each other.
    if you delete in camera or on the computer and store additional pictures on it the camera is going to “fill the holes” and data-block will no longer be in a row.
    just in case of an incident breaking the card you will have a hard time to restore he picture in the second scenario. if the data for the photos is still in a row you will be able to recover them even if the metadata about the locaton of them is destroyed.

    just 2ct from a computer geek


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