The Two Hosers Photo Show 529- OCHSS

In this episode Allan gets the tarp off, Adam is Encino Dad, and The Hosers break down Off Camera High Speed Sync.


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runtime: 59:02

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Allan Attridge Fotografie












3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 529- OCHSS

  1. Allan/Adam,
    Two things:
    1. Although I’ve been here since your start, I’d still give you $10 a year to continue. If I’m going to waste my time listening to two lame Canookians, I may as well waste some money to do it. 😉
    2. At the risk of hearing “Go start your own podcast”, we have a friendly community and, maybe, you could build on that a little. How about, every now and then, a couple of minutes hearing from one of the community. I’m not talking about a full episode of discussion – just a couple of minutes to see what they like and what level they consider themselves. We all would love to hear the Panger’s thought process. Mike Roskopf is in the same time zone as Allan (I’m partial to Mike because he invited me to his wedding….damn Rona….). Yes, this would be slightly more work, but, if the community is paying, it might be a good thing to talk about the community. Just a thought.
    Humbly submitted.

  2. Thanks Roger.

    I’ve always wanted to have what would essentially be “listener calls” but I didn’t want to impose on the listener. But now we’re going to figure that out.


  3. Hi Allan and Adam,

    Keep the Amazon links if they don’t become a hassle to maintain, but I would absolutely be in favor of being able to tip or subscribe to The Show. I already subscribe to a Patreon podcast called Sleep with Me and try to support creators if they have merchandise to sell. If you can configure the widget to accept different values and auto-recurring payments, even better, because the value of the show and the ability to pay to that value will change with the listener.

    Lots of content creators have affiliate links, but unless that link is right in front of me at the time I am ready to make a purchase, I won’t use it. Amazon certainly doesn’t make it easy for me to acknowledge affiliates directly from the app, either. Then there is the guilt factor of picking who to support and spending money with Amazon over spending it with a small business. Direct support also lets me know that a larger portion of my money, sans fees, goes directly to you.

    As Roger mentioned, if you cover your expenses and have some meaningful amount left after, maybe you could afford to expand the show in different ways.

    I applaud you both Adam and you for going into this endeavor for so long without sponsors or a more direct way to contribute money, it’s very selfless, but not selfish at all to open the door for people who want to say thank you with money.

    Your fellow floor sleeper,

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