The Two Hosers Photo Show 481- Mixing Flash Fail

In this episode Social Distancing is nothing new for Allan, Adam believes his car is cursed, and The Hosers outline a major flash fail.

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runtime: 37:05

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Weekly Challenge- “Outside”

Two Hosers Monthly Photo March- “Black And White”

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2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 481- Mixing Flash Fail

  1. Allan,
    You may skip my photo for this month’s Black and White challenge. It is an older photo I converted, so, like JC Russo’s, it doesn’t really qualify. I tagged it with #heyhosers just in case you’re short on entries this month. (Although, if you DO allow it, please don’t forget to go back and pick up JC’s shot – especially since his photo is better than mine.)
    I have a legit excuse, but excuses are seldom important to those hearing them.
    Many of us enjoy your monthlies, so I hope you’ll keep them going through this COVID mess. I’ve met up some other listeners for shoots and conversed with several more. Good wishes to all.

    • No worries Roger. As I’ve said many times before, I’m glad you;ve been able to connect to other listeners.


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