The Two Hosers Photo Show 422- January Monthly Challenge

In this episode Allan embraces the sniffles, Adam struggles to remember Pavlov Bure, and The Hosers review the listener submissions for the January Monthly Challenge.

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Two Hosers Monthly Photo Challenge January- “Bounce Board”

Hashtag your images on Instagram- #heyhosers or #twohosersmonthlychallenge


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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 422- January Monthly Challenge

  1. Please do not end the monthly challenge!!! Oh and I am not sure if he was serious but Adam should know peoples image submissions are viewable to anyone on Instagram. When I upload a submission to my IG it is seen by all who see my IG. I add a hashtag twohosersmonthlychallenge for those who want to search out images with that hashtag ( which is only you guys and your listeners) but I also add other hashtags related to that image to be found by other IGers who search those tags….tags are just filters. Regardless though, hashtags or not, all images are seen by anyone going to my IG page.

    • Thanks David. We are not ending the Monthly Challenge. I’m not going to live and die based on Adam’s understanding of how the internet works. I appreciate everyone submitting and the other hashtags.

      Meanwhile, I cannot figure out why the previous week’s episode always plays in the new post. The error is not on my end (in that I definitely post the link to the correct episode). The situation is usually resolved if you refresh you browser so I assume it is a cache issue between your browser and the server. Beyond that I’ll have to check with Adam.

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