The Two Hosers Photo Show 394- Festival Of Speed

In this episode Adam hobnobs with The Son Of The Snowbird, Allan rights a headphones wrong, and The Hosers review the weekend spent at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

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runtime: 1:12:49

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Photo Challenge- Cars

Two Hosers Monthly Photo Challenge July- “Stranger Portrait”

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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 394- Festival Of Speed

  1. Leaving auto selected for your prints means they are going to automatically process your foto, typically to make it look like midday summer time. Which means they are going to destroy anything you did in Lightroom or photoshop. I expect you would get similar results if you selected auto tone in Lightroom. I believe Chris Marquardt spoke about these issues when printing and Matin Bailey has a great book about it.

    • Agreed. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes despite all your calibration their colour profile is off and your images come out a little dark. At that price point it is difficult to expect consistency. Which is fair. You get what you pay for……

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