The Two Hosers Photo Show 324- Depth Of Field In Depth

In this episode Adam is a little under the weather, Allan prescribes grape flavoured Dimetap, and The Hosers dive deeper into Depth Of Field.

runtime: 1:00:33

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Two Hosers Monthly Photo Challenge March- “Shallow Depth Of Field”

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1 thought on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 324- Depth Of Field In Depth

  1. thanks for the super awesome, fun and informative podcast, love it.

    I have a question, regarding the last picture, seating on the log, I know your where mostly talking about bokea, what about the horizon not being level? I have noticed this more lately and I am now more sensitive to it. Do you notice this very much, do you think people should pay a little more attention to this, and why is it not noticed when we take pictures? I think we don’t take enough time really looking at the overall composer, there is really a lot to think about when trying to make a get picture, how can we remember all this.

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