The Two Hosers Photo Show 319- Lost In The Fog

In this episode Adam braves a whiteout for wrestling, Allan gives an impromptu geography lesson, and The Hosers reveal why you should absolutely own a fog machine.

runtime: 1:14:02

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2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 319- Lost In The Fog

  1. Ouch…….starting the show off with blasphemy by a child. Which leads to a question unrelated to photography, why do you think most of the world does not think twice about using God’s Holy name so irreverently? I am a born again Christian so I have my own views but i am sincerely interested to see what you think. No condemnation here, just curious as to your views.

    Thanks Al, good show as usual.

    • Well Brian…..

      The first rule of internet is to never discuss/debate/argue about religion/politics/anything on the internet. Even if the original posters keep things rational it invariably gets hijacked by someone else.

      That being said, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Happy to answer your question.


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