The Two Hosers Photo Show 274- Province Of The Hosers

ep 274 thumb largeIn this episode Adam finally gets out of the infirmary, Allan espouses the virtues of a 7 day lag, and The Hosers give an update on the state of the podcast.

runtime: 1:07:50

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1 thought on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 274- Province Of The Hosers

  1. listener suggestions:
    hey guys, first off I love the old episodes. they have taught me alot.
    as ive grown as a photographer and i just now have accumulated 2 off camera flashes with triggers (yong nuo all the way) and a canon 6D i look forward to relistening to the off camera lighting episodes.

    all that said, now where to go. I appreciate the banter and the discussion of what you shot this week. i listen at my desk and look at the photos online. I also appreciate the everyday talk about baseball and family. of course i like baseball and have an 8yr old as well. I think you guys know where to go from here based on the discussion on this podcast, nature, landscape and session photography, while still hitting the photos of your own family topics. I especially like discussing how to take photos for your family and certain holidays or events. adam does a nice job with photoshop and fun themed photos. I love the explanations and behind the scenes photos of those setups.

    please keep recording, but maybe aim at a shorter podcast. 30 minutes rather than an hour……… will keep you and listeners from burning out.

    thanks Hosers!

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