The Two Hosers Photo Show 264- Shallow Background

ep 264 thumb largeIn this episode Adam’s goes to 999, Allan is a bad influence on his wife, and The Hosers tell you how they shoot a shallow background.

runtime: 1:01:40

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Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie


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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 264- Shallow Background

  1. Seems like the amazon graphic/badge at the top of the internet page works well. when clicking thru the mobile site (iphone 6plus) i have to scroll down to the bottom of page, click badge, then it opens up my amazon app which is nice. Neither case gives any confirmation that you are actually supporting two hosers however, which i would like to see but that would be amazons choice i imagine. a note about the mobile site, the links to the main pages at the top of the home page do show up at the top as planned. there is an amazon link, but it goes to a comment page. would it be possible to have that “Amazon” link just take the mobile user straight to the app similar to how the badge redirects?

  2. Another version of this can be done with an umbrella. I did this one while following the strobist lighting 101 assignments a while ago:

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