The Two Hosers Photo Show 263- The Flash Trap

ep 263 thumb largeIn this episode Adam is still under the weather, Allan improves on Raclette, and The Hosers explain how to set a flash trap in the snow.

runtime: 1:05:40

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Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie


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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 263- The Flash Trap

  1. I think the word you’re looking for is Hibachi.

    In the US at least, at Mongolian restaurants you choose all your ingredients, put them in a bowl, then hand it off to the cook and go sit in your seat.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I do also own an older camera that takes CF cards. And I tried a SD-to-CF adapter which worked out very well.
    Meaning I go which SD cards only making things easy.
    Two drawbacks are swapping cards takes 2 seconds longer and write speed is slower. But the slower speed does not hurt me since the camera got quite a large buffer.

    Maybe it will work for you as well.


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