The Two Hosers Photo Show 247- Image Stabilization

ep 247 thumb largeIn this episode Adam hangs a curveball, Allan reschedules the seasons, and The Hosers figure out if IS is worth it.

runtime: 1:04:02

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Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie


challenge 247-adamchallenge 247-adam altchallenge 247-allan70-200 sample 170-200 sample 2








1 thought on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 247- Image Stabilization

  1. Great episode.

    IS is fantastic but kind of pointless below 70mm.

    For handholding in poor light, it helps but not enough in winter.

    I paid for the f/4 ‘L’ 70-200 with IS after much deliberation.
    And to protect my investment, a very good UV filter. The
    lens hood will provide much protection but takes longer
    to mount whereas a UV filter does not require any thought.

    If you are outside in winter, the 2.8 option makes a lot of sense.

    HOWEVER, if I was shooting hockey I would opt for the 200mm
    option for a couple of reasons: most of the time I shoot my 70-200
    at 200mm anyway, and the 200mm is BLACK (white lenses act
    like tripods in terms of being magnets and may be refused admission
    at some venues where the 200mm will slide by).

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