The Two Hosers Photo Show 211- Criticism

ep 211 thumb largeIn this episode Adam works blue, Allan is overexcited about dinner table knick knacks, and the Two Hosers discuss the importance criticism.

runtime: 1:12:02

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Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie


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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 211- Criticism

  1. Regarding criticism, I’ve been a dad for 17 years of 2 daughters who play soccer. I myself played for 20 years, so I always saw room for them to improve. The way I handled it was sandwiching the criticism between 2 compliments.

    So…when they would come off at halftime, I’d give them props for something they did well (which gives them a more open mind to hear the criticism), then give them *very specific* and *very simplistic* criticism on what they could do better or how to fix something they made a mistake on, and then follow that up with some generic props like “good hustle out there” which, especially with kids, leaves them feeling encouraged.

    I don’t think it would serve them well to just be all positive all the time (like you guys mentioned). There *is* a time for that, like when they are 2 or 3. But when they get older and can take the criticism in the right way, then you need to raise the bar.

    Long tangent to say…this could apply to photography too when someone is seeking a critique.

    Also, I like the idea of having an “open challenge”. I know they’ve always been open, but making it a more central thing might encourage others to participate. I’ll certainly try.

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