The Two Hosers Photo Show 210- Lost In Technology

ep 210In this episode Adam is going RC crazy, Allan buys a wagon and the Two Hosers welcome Chris Marquardt to help tread water in the stormy ocean of technology.

runtime: 1:09:25

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Chris Marquardt

Discover Lightroom

Stages Of A Photographer

Adam Schwartz Photography

Allan Attridge Fotografie


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4 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 210- Lost In Technology

  1. happy new year fellas,
    great episode. great to hear Chris on the show.
    I for one, highly endorse Chris’s Discover Lightroom. I’m half way through and it’s doubled my efficiency in moving through the program. it’s a great way to get really familiar fast and do what you like. you will never look back on aperture.

    here’s something id like to hear on the show: a group page where we can also take part in the challenges and comment on each other’s work on the forum. a place to connect and share. thoughts?

    anyhow, keep it real, love your work,

    Jonny Toronto

  2. Hi there hosers,
    what about the Lensbaby I wondered. While you were talking about the tilt/shift I couldn’t help but wonder ,-)

  3. Jonny T, you must be a mind reader. We just spoke about this on the show that comes out Monday. I’ll see if I can figure out how to create a challenge page. You overestimate my Facebook intelligence. We do encourage participation though.

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