The Two Hosers Photo Show 204- Mad Men

ep 204 thumb largeIn this episode Allan goes wireless, Adam proposes something groundbreaking, and the Two Hosers delve into product photography.

runtime: 42:34

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Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie


challenge 204-adamchallenge 204-allan





6 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 204- Mad Men

  1. The fact that you quoted Russel Hammond from Stillwater instantly moves the show status from great to EPIC!!!! #almostfamous #feverdog

  2. Brian, one of my all time favourite movies. Sort of bummed that Cameron Crowe “disappeared” after that.

    Thanks Roger.

  3. dude! Your product is laying sideways!


    I actually tilted my head without realizing it to see the watch photo. Otherwise it’s pretty great. I like what the background is doing and how you achieved it.

  4. Great show guys,
    I’m a writer whose passion is photography and I”ve learned so much from your pod casts. I particularly likes the session on film noir. Keep up the good work.


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