The Two Hosers Photo Show 194- The Big Lebounceski

ep 194 thumb largeIn this episode Adam enjoys some microwave smores, Allan is likely internetless, and the Two Hosers explain why you want a bounce disc.

runtime: 42:49

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Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie

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2 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 194- The Big Lebounceski

  1. hey guys, Allen your mic is very Bass heavy the last few weeks. my computer audio setup (which does have a sub) is very boomy, mostly just on your voice. Adam sounds great. just fyi.

  2. Thanks Brian.

    I’ve been recording the show from Vancouver and I travelled relatively light which means no proper mixing setup. I’ve been relying on semi-decent headphones. That, and a number of variables (mic, location etc) have meant a lack of consistency. It will improve soon though. But next week’s show was a Vancouver one as well. The one after that MAY be better but no promises. After that, we’re golden.

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.


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