The Two Hosers Photo Show 141- Tilting And Shifting

ep 141 thumb largeIn this episode Allan is proud of his radio voice, Adam either has a lot or nothing going on and the Two Hosers invite Chris Marquardt to talk about tilt shift lenses.

runtime: 1:07:55

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Chris Marquardt- Tips From The Top Floor

Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie


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3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 141- Tilting And Shifting

  1. Hey hosers! I just want to let you know what a wicked job you’re both doing!!! You guys are informative and entertaining all in one. I listen when I drive and Two Hosers show makes traffic jams pleasant…

    Allan your interview with Chris Marquardt was GOLD!!!! I’m not sure if I learned more or I actually lost knowledge about tilt-shift lenses but I was laughing through the whole show. I know Chris is the type that needs all the quiet he can have to concentrate… He was complaining about the leaf blower man on his show one time. And your daughter let him have it so bad … poor guy couldn’t hang on to a single thought. HAHA I love Chris and I love you guys and I hope to be entertained for a long time to come.

    Thank you!!!

    off to amazon to buy a flash costume 🙂

  2. Thanks Rafal. Good chance the interview caused you to forget anything you knew about Tilt-Shift. Funny thing about Chris, you’re right he does like quiet so he can concentrate but if it isn’t possible he raises his game and does a great job despite the distractions.

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