The Two Hosers Photo Show 127- Sand In Our Shoe

ep 127 thumb largeIn this episode Allan is feeling the pressure, Adam wants to play golf on a sailboat, and the Two Hosers outline all the things that annoy them.

runtime: 1:15:03

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10 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 127- Sand In Our Shoe

  1. Love the rants … but zip-off trousers are really handy for photowalks (bit like the golf argument, when you’re outdoors for hours and the weather changes) and when I shoot motorsports (must wear long trousers in the pit lane, even when it’s 1000 degrees). Surprised photo-vests didn’t get a mention though 🙂

  2. Can you guys consider the concept that some of your listeners have jobs or families, meaning our time is limited, and we aren’t subscribing to your podcasts to listen to your take on the news. or your cooking efforts, even though, god knows, there aren’t enough podcasts specializing in those two subjects?
    Consider starting your show about photograph, limited to the subject of photography. Maybe even some tips.
    As it is, I feel like I’m paying YOU, with my time spent listening to twenty-something year old twits reflecting on their lives, to get a useful photography tip.
    Just write to let you know, I’m not being paid enough.

  3. Can’t believe you’re being serious Jason. If all you want are photography tips there are hundreds of other web sites and u-tube videos. Some even better:’ (Sorry Hosers:)
    P.s. You’re still in your 30s? And you heard of LED Zepplin?

  4. Like Michael said, I can’t believe Jason is being serious. The banter and tangents are part of what makes it such a great podcast.

  5. Just listened to the Rant and I can’t agree with Jason. Your podcast is unique because of your “real” attitude. I listen, because I enjoy it, on my way to work and walking the dogs and that time certainly is not limited (unfortunately). Learning is always easier when mixed with fun. Remember Sesame Street? Thanks to your teaching, I now shoot in M mostly. I am in my 60s and have grandchildren. It is great to listen to two guys who are so proud to be Dads. Keep up the family stuff, that is what life is really about.
    30s? – Hard Lives? I love my long shorts and zip-offs.

  6. And anyway, which other podcast gives listeners the chance to buy windshield wiper blades, replacement hinges for the fridge and also gives photo tips

  7. Hey guys, zipp-off trousers are the greatest invention related to clothing.
    But it’s funny to hear how much you care about others and how you act like a old couple. Alan always thinks to be the old experienced part and Adam plays the “new to the hobby” guy.

    Continue as you do it each and every week…yours and the “happy shooting” podcast are the only two photography related left in my abo list.


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