The Two Hosers Photo Show 102- My Two Front Teeth

In this episode Adam jams the holiday spirit into one day, Allan braves the Arctic temperature in Germany, and the Two Hosers reveal their Xmas wishlist.

runtime: 59:27

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Schwartz Chronicles

Allan Attridge Fotografie







3 thoughts on “The Two Hosers Photo Show 102- My Two Front Teeth

  1. Hey Hosers! Merry Christmas, I would like make a request/suggestion for your show. I think the photo challenges are excellent for learning in that you guys take photos and then break down what you did in prep for that shot. However, sometimes you do not mention the exif data. You are pretty good at explaining the lighting setups. so my suggestion is that when you post the photo challenge photos you also include the exif (f, iso, shutter speed, lens, focal length) and a brief lighting setup (on camera, off camera right, etc.) then if you happen to not mention it I can look at your photo and know the whole setup without having to listen back. hope that makes sense, looking forward to the Xmas episode!

    • In addition to that, I don’t know how it works but some podcasts show multiple pictures when running. E.g. the podcast from Martin Bailey shows images being discussed at that time during the podcast. I have no clue if that is way more effort or more expensive because of increased data, but I think it could be helpful when discussing your photos of the challenges.

  2. Brian, we’re on board with that…..sort of. You did give me an idea for the podcast going forward though and we’ll talk about it on Monday’s episode. Giving you full (well, half) credit of course.

    Koen, we’ve explored the idea of an enhanced podcast in the past but there are a few rubs involved. The main one being a basic compatibility issue. MP3 files don’t have chapters and thus changing photos. In order to include them we would need to complicate things and likely alienate a good chunk of our audience in the process. Despite our carefully cultivated image of being Apple snobs, the enhanced podcasts are designed by/for Apple products (hardware and/or software) and we wish to include as many people as possible.


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