The Two Hosers Need Your Help- Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting Network

A note to our listeners and hopefully future listeners-

On this week’s episode of The Two Hosers Photo Show (Episode 70- Go Wide) we started a campaign to join Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting Network. Allow me to explain a little.

Adam and I started doing this in January of 2011 with absolutely no idea what producing a podcast meant. No joke, we hit record and then figured out the rest. No long term goal, no “end game”.

Our basic “plan” was to shout into the void and not concern ourselves with what happened next. We figured the worst case scenario would be that we had no listeners (besides my dad of course) but Adam would learn how to take really good photographs for free and I would get a ton of “exercise”.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the rink. We got listeners. People from all over the world starting e-mailing us questions. Not just questions, but GOOD questions. Thoughtful and on-point. And reviews started popping up on various parts of the internet. That was actually a surprise to us. Not only did people take the time to post reviews, many of them spoke specifically to the original intent of our podcast. We were flattered.

So it has gone for 70 weeks in a row. Yes, there was a week where the ball was dropped and the show was not recorded. For the sake of accuracy we did do the show that week. One of us forgot to hit record though and the show was done live to an audience of just the two of us. Trust me, it was comic gold.

To make a long story short (too late), the goal is for us to have The Two Hosers Photo Show become a part of the ACE Broadcasting Network that was started by Adam Carolla. And for that, we need your help.

If you’re not familiar with Adam Carolla I implore you to check him out. Chances are you know who he is from The Man Show or Loveline. Maybe from appearances on Dancing With The Stars or The Celebrity Apprentice. He hosts the Adam Carolla Show, a daily 90 minute plus podcast that is the most downloaded in the world. His self-proclaimed “Pirate Ship” is the future of broadcasting.

I will spare you the details here and instead explain why what he is doing is so important at the opening of the next Two Hosers episode (71). Wow, that is a shameless tease designed to get you to listen. So there’s that. But if you tune in I promise I will try and make it interesting.

In the meantime here’s how you can help us get out in front of the Aceman himself.

1- Subscribe to his show. For free.

2- Let him know about us- Twitter @adamcarolla and tell him about @twohosers, e-mail him, you can even phone the show if you are so inclined- 888-634-1744

3- If you do listen to our show there is a decent chance that you have taken some pretty nice photos of your friends, family, neighbours, old high school acquaintances etc. Ask them to return the favour and let @adamcarolla know. Ask them to ask their friends and so on. Basically, get the snowball rolling. That’s what Twitter is for. (Oh, and they can subscribe to our show too I suppose).

That’s it. remember to tune in Monday and The Two Hosers thank you for all your support.

Disclaimer- If we do get on the network expect the current happy-good-times-podcast format to continue. On the other hand if we fail miserably (and now, publicly) we will still continue doing the show. However, I fully expect Adam (Schwartz) to be a pouty mess.