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It’s never been easier to help support The Two Hosers Photo Show. If you are already buying something on Amazon simply click on our homepage first (, find the appropriate store on the right hand side and click through. From there your experience will be identical- same prices, selection etc. The only difference is that we get a small percentage. Everybody goes home a winner.

Thanks for your support.

Adam and Allan

10 thoughts on “Amazon

  1. Really enjoy the podcast, you guys are something else (that’s good). looking to buy flash triggers thru amazon but can’t remember which ones Adam got, the Yongnuo ones. He really seemed to be impressed with these and would like to try these myself. hope you can help. keep up the great podcasts, eh? (Canadian too).

  2. I order from Amazon daily and listen to your podcast regularly. I finally remembered to use your site to order through, but the links on the right don’t work!

  3. You’re right!
    I’ve opened up the website via Firefox (i/o Chrome) and the links appear.
    I’m about to order a new matte cutter so will do so through the site now. I spend around $10K yearly on Amazon and will be more than happy to do it through you guys!

  4. Thanks for your podcast! I heard about it through Chris Marquardt’s Tips From the Top Floor podcast, and have been listening to you over the past month. I’ve learned a lot! While I have several lenses, your encouragement to shoot with prime lenses has improved my photos! The pictures coming from my Canon 6D with 50mm f/1.4 have been wonderful.

    So I need to order a camera strap and a polarizer filter. Clicking through your site over to Amazon right meow.

  5. Another appreciative click-through! battery, trackpad, and memory going into two computers in my house.

    Somehow, I manage to take almost all my photographic business through my local shop:-)


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