Recent Work- In The Rain

I should probably change the title of these things from “work” to something more accurate but you get the idea so let’s cool it with the nitpicking and move on.

For the most part we have had unbelievable fall weather here out on the coast. Normally it is non-stop rain from Oct 1 until June 30th (That’s a lie. It just feels like that.) but we had seemingly dodged that. Until a couple of days ago.

It’s been a while since I have been out in the Vancouver rain and I can honestly say I sort of miss it. When you only deal with it on occasion it’s actually pretty attractive. Sort of like drinking White Russians.

So with that in mind, on the first day after setting the clocks back, I ventured out into our city and snapped a few shots to capture the mood. These were all shot with my 5D mkII and 70-200mm f4L.

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