Absolut Analog- Film Workshop With Chris Marquardt

Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend one of Chris Marquardt and Monika Andrae’s film workshops, Absolut Analog. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do a lot of work with Chris (The Invisible Camera) so I may have a slight bias. In short, I loved it.

I have processed my own film before but it’s been a long time. Twenty years? Really? That seems to be the situation. For quite a while I have been wanting to get back into shooting and processing B&W film. There are a bunch of reasons why- the artistic nature of it, the simplicity, the smell and feel (I know, I’m THAT guy). But the biggest reason is that it’s a lot of fun.

Before I could dive head first I needed a quick refresher on film processing and as luck would have it Chris had room in his workshop right here in Tübingen. The downside- it was an advanced class and it would be in German. Now, my German is not going to win any awards but I can get by if everybody speaks slowly. My concern was that I was going to slow the group down but everybody was really cool about it and Chris and Monika made sure I knew what was going on.

photo: Chris Marquardt Twitter- @chrismarquardt

First up we were going to “Push” ISO 400 film to 1600. Long story short, underexpose and overprocess to compensate for the difference resulting in high contrast images. The afternoon session had us “Pulling” ISO 400 film to ISO 50. Overexpose, underprocess yielding lower contrast images. Then that night Chris had us really stretch out the envelope and push ISO 400 all the way to 6400 and shoot in the dark. REALLY high contrast.

There’s something tremendously satisfying about shooting film (no chimping allowed), mixing your own chemicals and getting the timing just right.

photo: Monika Andrae Twitter- @nahlinse

And when you hang that film strip up and confirm that you actually got an image? Thrilling. No hyperbole.

photo: Monika Andrae Twitter- @nahlinse

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot and process your own film I recommend the workshop. But more importantly- if you’ve ever wanted to improve your skills as a DIGITAL photographer, take the Absolut Analog Workshop. The skill set Chris and Monika provide you with will apply to your digital workflow exponentially. Again, no hyperbole necessary.

I don’t know if Chris plans on offering many analog workshops Stateside but if you send him an e-mail you might be able to convince him otherwise. You’ll be glad you did.


Recent Work- 532

Shot and edited a short documentary about Chris Marquardt producing the latest episode of his podcast, Tips From The Top Floor. If you have any questions regarding the making of the making of send me an e-mail www.allanattridge.com or visit our Google+ page.

Recent Work- In The Rain

I should probably change the title of these things from “work” to something more accurate but you get the idea so let’s cool it with the nitpicking and move on.

For the most part we have had unbelievable fall weather here out on the coast. Normally it is non-stop rain from Oct 1 until June 30th (That’s a lie. It just feels like that.) but we had seemingly dodged that. Until a couple of days ago.

It’s been a while since I have been out in the Vancouver rain and I can honestly say I sort of miss it. When you only deal with it on occasion it’s actually pretty attractive. Sort of like drinking White Russians.

So with that in mind, on the first day after setting the clocks back, I ventured out into our city and snapped a few shots to capture the mood. These were all shot with my 5D mkII and 70-200mm f4L.