Any Questions?

Over at The Two Hosers Photo Show we have a lot to talk about but really, we want to make sure we are addressing the things you, the audience wants to know. So we’re going to do a Q&A show in the near future. If there’s anything you want to know about, whether we have talked about it on the show or not please feel free to ask. Maybe Adam did a bad job of listening while I blathered on about something in particular. Now’s your chance to have us clarify.

Some sample questions-

“Allan, do you find it more difficult to be extremely handsome or really, really manly?”

“Good question. They are both equally challenging in everyday life. Fortunately my innate awesomeness combined with my extraordinary humility allows me to function like a mortal.”


“Adam, do you wish your feet did not smell like beef soup that has been left out in the sun?”

“How did you know my feet smelled like that? To be honest, yes, that would be nice. Fortunately my wife is bad at smelling so it all sort of came out in the wash. Thanks for your question and keep listening!”

In retrospect, maybe keep the questions photo related. That way we all get something out of it.

Feel free to ask them here in the comments section, via Twitter @twohosers, or send us an e-mail

2 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. I have a question: Are you guys wizzing on the INSIDE of your dad’s garage door, Allan? Is that an accepted practice up there in Canada?

    On a more serious note…

    I guess this is less a question than it is a possible update to your HDR topic a couple of episodes back. I know you two are using Aperture, and I don’t know if this will apply to that application, but the new version of Lightroom (4.1) now has the ability to process 32 bit files. What that means is that you can take a bracket of 3, or however many images, and export them to Photoshop Merge-to-HDR, (making sure Lightroom is set up to turn them into a TIFF file, not a PSD). Once the files are in the HDR window of Photoshop, all you do is check the ’32 bit’ box, and adjust the exposure slider, if necessary. Now you close Photoshop, and Lightroom re-imports a 32 bit file. Now when you go to do adjustments to that file, the exposure slider, instead of having a range of -5 to +5, has a range of -10 to +10! (Mine goes to 11). As you can imagine, this is AWESOME! It gives you the latitude of HDR, without all the clown-puke. Maybe you can have Don Komarechka back on to talk about it, since I believe he uses Lightroom, and I would highly recommend you look into it in Aperture to see if the possibility exists there as well.

    Anyway, I thought some of your listeners might be interested to know that little tid-bit. Love the show guys. In fact, just today I finished getting completely caught up on back episodes, and actually listened to the entire egg-nog episode…ouch. Oh, and hey Adam, it’s only an extra three hours to Portland from Seattle. You and the family should check it out sometime.

    Ryan Wilson
    Portland, OR

    • Good Question Ryan,

      In short, we no longer wizz INSIDE the garage. Global warming, coupled with the extended TV Timeouts on HNIC, means that we have time to go outside without missing any of the game or risking frostbite.

      I’ll check out the capabilities of Aperture but it seems top me that Lightroom is way out front on most features. Aperture still serves me well as most of my post work is very basic and minimal but if I were heavy into it I’d be looking at Lightroom.


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